Traders like spazas, hair salons, taverns and even butchers use Spaka to receive product prices, promotions and information to make purchase decisions and grow their businesses.

Wholesale distributors

Wholesalers use Spaka to connect with their customers to build their brand and grow sales.

Brand manufacturers

Brands use Spaka to engage traders in the mass retail channel to increase distribution and awareness and accelerate sales.

Who We Are

Spaka is a team of tech, communications and mass market experts. We connect businesses to enable transparency, ease and growth.

Our Vision

When we change the way we communicate, we change society. Spaka brings brands, distributors and traders closer together to open up trade and accelerate inclusive market growth.

Our Mission

Spaka will be the biggest retail communication platform in Africa. Businesses will be able to engage any trader in Africa, instantly.


Spaka aspires to have the highest reach, easiest to use solution, best problem solvers and most professional service on the continent.

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